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Process Little Detail Quality Big Ascension

Author:yisainuo Time:2016/01/04

Recently, the process of innovative design, in the new hoist wire rope processing line workshop installation is complete, become Nucleon Company in another bright spot in the process of manufacturing high quality crane.
Traditional way of wire rope to deposit is placed directly on the ground, and measure the cord length, workers are the rope from the one end to the other side of the workshop, and then spread to the channel to measured with metric scale one by one, and then use polisher or shear clamp truncation. Truncated portion of the two ends must dress, with wire or tape or rope is easy to appear messy, head, and not easy to wear into a set of wedge, it is a long let workshop assembly workers very headache problem.
In order to further improve the efficiency of ND hoist assembly, improve product quality, the technology of combining Wang Zhongyin monitor, through analysis, made a set of wire rope to deposit, measuring and cutting pan head the processing plan of integration processing operations such as: making steel wire rope hanging bracket, a realization of the four kinds of different specifications of the wire rope deposit not fall to the ground; Installation of the meter, automated digital display measuring length value; Fusing machine, independent design and production of wire rope can be controlled by tooling, implements the rope processed into spiral vertebral body, no longer appear loose phenomenon.
Nucleon (Xinxiang) Crane content manager system | Nucleon (Xinxiang) Crane CMS
Rope-processing operations
Nucleon (Xinxiang) Crane content manager system | Nucleon (Xinxiang) Crane CMS
End of the wire rope contrast before and after process improvement
Using traditional way, a wire rope from the length measurement to the truncation takes about 5 minutes, for the specification of the coarser, it may be longer. And after technological innovation to improve, in all specifications of the wire rope can be controlled within 10 seconds, and the end after truncation forming beautiful, solved the rope head easy open, difficult problem of wear into the set of wedge, work efficiency and product quality were improved, Nucleon product market competitiveness has been further strengthened.
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