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Nucleon Company adhering to the "everything for customers, create customer value" the service idea, take the customer demand as the center, with first-class speed, skills and attitude to achieve "exceed customer expectations, and beyond the industry standard" service goals.
All for the client; create value for client.
Through standardized, differentiated and services of value to reduce the customer's psychological cost and use cost, eventually improve the customer delivered value, profitability and purchasing power, thus Nucleon service brand competitiveness and lead the new trend of the service industry.
Exceed client's expectation, exceed the industrial standard
On call 24 hours service engineers; Reach the site within 2 hours after receiving the customer demand, and will be treated as failure problems all in one day. Failure is not be solved, service engineers can not leave the site, left the scene to be customer permission.
Now Nucleon has branches in more than 200 countries and regions, each department branch offices in the domestic provinces and cities, with offices in the secondary cities.
Nucleon has a spare parts warehouse around the world, formed the headquarters of the warehouse, regional center warehouse, provincial and municipal warehouse four parts supply security system, the global storage value 900 million Yuan, more than 900 million kinds of spare parts for the user to choose from, fully guarantee the user demand for spare parts.
Nucleon introduce 6 s center as a new branch in the industry new platform, and compact vehicle sales, spare parts supply and after-sales service, information feedback, product display, six professional training, in the area has played a strong marketing and service function. Nucleon heavy industry in the country has built 15 6s center, the next few years, Nucleon 6 s center will in 31 provincial capital city, municipality directly under the central government, more than 200 secondary cities opened 6 s center, service center of more than 2000, more than 7500 technical service engineers, let the customer in any one of the country can easily enjoy the highest quality of service guarantees.
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