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Australian 100 Ton Tire Gantry Crane's Installation

On 12th February 2015, there were just 6 days before Spring Festival, but some of our employees still stayed in company to work for the Australian 100 ton tire gantry crane's installation. Which was the special way to congratulate the arrival of the new year of the goat.
The whole installation was proceeding orderly with the cooperation among the Project Group, Production Dept, Customer Service Dept, Technology Dept and Security Environment Protection Dept headed by vice president Yonggang Liu and Chen jun. Because of the lack of the installing devices and the limit of the space, the Project Group made a new decision after discussion: Firstly, they made the support legs stand. Then it be connected with the main beam structure. At last, the combination of the supported legs and the bridge structure were installed on the ground beam . This new way have many advantages: The installation proceeds without the cable; There is no need to precise orientation of the parts; The installation of the gantry structure and the tire's repair and air inflation proceeds at the same time so that installing time are shorten a lot.
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Finally, the main installation of the gantry structure were finished well at 6pm on the same day just when it was started. Which meant the finish of the framing member's making . And the hydraulic system and electrical control system would be installed and tested next.
As the hydraulic control system is the core technology of this design, our company would independent design and assemble the hydraulic drive part and related electrical control part. We held the faith that with the successful experience from the exportation of the 300 ton yacht handling machine designed for Iran, the product must be made well by our Nucleon teams who are keen on dealing with problems together. Which could gather valuable technology experience for same product series' design and manufacture, meanwhile, this independent design helped Nucleon to develop its product diversification rapidly.
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