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5 Ton Domestic Machine

Author:yisainuo Time:2016/01/05

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On 28th Nov., Nucleon company had a performance test about the first 5 ton domestic machine by independent research and development on ND hoist test, which made a successful progress.
The performance about domestic ND hoist assembled with drive unit is being tested.
After 2 hours' continuous load testing, some key indicators such as the up temperature of the domestic drive structure, the noise and the glide quantity of the brake are all up to the requirement of working class: M5, and even more than the national standards. According to the test result, the noise is 58 db which is less than 85 db from the requirement of national standards and the braking length is 8.9mm which is less than 50mm from the requirement of the national standards.
Nucleon company's ND modelEuropean type electric hoist is widely recognized by market for its' excellent performance since they were produced and generalized.Thus, there is a sharp growth every year. However, as the core part, the hoisting reducer is mainly imported from abroad with high cost. For this reason, a focus group, be made up of president Hongxin Chen, vice president Yonggang Liu, vice head engineer Junfeng Han,  was built on July 2014. With the help of the Supplies Purchasing Center and Purui Co., Ltd., our group is keeping work on and finally finished this domestic program. It includes 6 models and the drive unit's performance of other 5 models will be tested one by one on Dec.
The overall performance and the assembly process of Nucleon's independent reducer are sufficiently showed during the testing. Which provided a stable foundation for ND series production's widely extension. And implementation of the our product differentiation strategy has a reliable guarantee as well.
Nucleon (Xinxiang) Crane content manager system | Nucleon (Xinxiang) Crane CMS
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