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Hoisting Machinery Magazine Interview in 2015

Author:yisainuo Time:2016/01/05

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Long Hongxin, male, communist party, senior engineer, doctor degree, the current Nucleon (Xinxiang) crane co., LTD., chairman of Wuhan university of technology, Huazhong university of science and technology, honorary professor, doctoral supervisor, 2011 won "11th five-year plan" national heavy machinery industry outstanding scientific and technical workers, 2014 by the "Henan hoisting machinery industry technology innovation strategic alliance board of directors" appointed deputy director.
In the research and development of its leadership, ND series electric hoist, NL series chain block is put on the market and won high praise and recognition in the industry, has with China coal group, Zhungeer energy supply and marketing contracts such as national key project, annual sales of 500 million yuan;"Tailored" for Changsha broad living without basic catamaran curing kiln into the green building industry has laid a solid foundation for the company; Export yacht handling of Iran's 300 t become one of the largest tonnage crane;
Since a Nucleon company general manager and chairman of the board, the Nucleon company comprehensive strength, performance steady growth, as a model of Nucleon Company become the industry leading enterprises to lay a solid foundation.
Interview questions
Reporter: Mr. Long, Nucleon since its establishment has gone through a journey of years of development, as a driver of Nucleon, many results of Changyuan crane industry must have a feeling, can share some tips for us?
A: Nucleon company was established in August 2005, a former Singapore sole-source investment enterprise, converted into a Sino-foreign joint venture in 2012.Industry knows, Changyuan crane in general crane products accounted for 50% 60% of the total domestic crane market, similar degree is high, and the product homogeneity competition seriously, to avoid falling into vicious competition, Nucleon company was founded in the beginning, it made the strategic goal of "creating international brand", adhere to the implementation of differentiation strategy, the ongoing technological innovation and management innovation, product from the generalization to specialization, characterization, in line with international standards, and the world famous crane manufacturer to compete.
After nearly 10 years of development, the Nucleon Company through the implementation of the strategic planning, in the process of product development, marketing, quality control, lean management and so on a series of activities, make the enterprise get better and faster development. Comprehensive strength in the domestic same industry, brand awareness also along with the development of the company get promoted, and the industry recognition. Juki company 2014 association gourd branch awarded the title of vice director of the unit.
Reporter: now more and more enterprises face the impact of the international brand crane overwhelmed, to this, Mr. Long, what we should do to deal with this dilemma?
Answer: this question says the difficulties facing the domestic crane, a few years ago, in the domestic crane basically monopolized by foreign brands, high-end market, especially in the domestic high-end manufacturing industry and the national key project purchasing; basically do not have domestic crane enterprise. For two or three years, as the change of market demand, a growing number of crane manufacturers began to realize that it is very urgent to improve the quality of their products, have to close the gap between itself and the foreign brands, in order to gain a foothold in the increasingly fierce competition environment, stand out.
A hero is known in the time of misfortune. Have sprung up in the wave of change and competition in a group of outstanding enterprises, the Nucleon company is one of them, in recent years Nucleon company research and development and market products, is a reference to the advanced design standards, such as I ND series electric hoist and NL series chain hoist, once the market has been the affirmation and praise in the industry. Under the condition of the domestic economic downturn, Nucleon company stable growth, also thanks to the high standards of European product development. In addition, the Nucleon company practices in Changyuan crane industry gathering area has played a leading and exemplary role, the development of industry also play a positive role in driving. Currently, the courtyard is leading organizations to promote the state science and technology support plan - lightweight series crane research and development, will further promote the domestic manufacturer integrating resources according to market rules, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, narrow the gap with foreign brands, to change the status quo of the national key project too dependent on foreign brands.
Domestic enterprises with a positive attitude in the face of the impact of the international brand, by adjusting the product structure, improvement of process method, strengthening the process control, change the method such as the marketing method, gradually narrowing the gap with international brands, to lay a solid foundation for domestic enterprises to go into the international market.
Reporter: as is known to all, the Nucleon is one of the outstanding manufacturing enterprise in the crane industry, but in the new market environment, penetrate mutually in the product area has become a trend, Nucleon prepared to how to deal with this change?
A: Nucleon company through nearly 10 years of development, gradually out of a belong to the road of "Nucleon style", especially since 2011, Nucleon company at the same time of implement the development strategy of differentiation, adhere to the implementation of research and development generation, design generation, trial production of one generation, the promotion of "four" product development direction, greatly improve the market share and brand awareness.
Under the new market situation, each manufacturer are in a positive attitude in the face of fierce market competition, product areas interaction has become a trend, a period of time in the future, the market is very difficult to appear the situation of "dominance". To continue to maintain the leading position, it requires us to "strengthen body, hard skills", by speeding up new product development schedule, to strengthen the quality control of products manufacturing process, enhance the level of enterprise "two" fusion methods to improve the comprehensive strength and core competitiveness of enterprises. Nucleon company took the lead in the industry, for example, import advanced equipment such as welding robot, gantry welding, all production line assembly line work, implements all does not fall to the ground, welding in NL chain hoist workshop for pilot, until the radiation to all production workshop MAS system (mes), and other advanced equipment and manufacturing system input, etc., to a certain extent, improve the Nucleon company's product identification, the benign development of the market has played a positive role in promoting.
Reporter: in terms of marketing, what is special about new families and compare the counterparts?
Answer: enterprise to survival and development must do the market demand of products. In recent years, Nucleon Company to meet the market demand, from the perspective of the adjustment of product structure to improve sales strategy, mainly has five aspects:
The shift from sales to a single crane products general contracting, active participation from project start to the customer's production line design, provide the whole process of equipment and services to our customers.
Market segment, product structure change in the past, create conform to different industries, such as paper, steel, food and other industries) use requirement characteristics of crane, curing standard products for the company, market promotion, expand market share.
Under the premise of the delivery cycle is determined, according to the wishes of the buyer and the seller, signed agreement of "good faith", in order to constraint take delivery cycle and manufacturing cycle, and both sides to accept the inspection way, it not only shorten the production cycle, reduce the company's inventory, also get the customer's recognition and more contributed to the subsequent cooperation.
Give full play to the advantage of the Nucleon company technique strength is strong, the technical personnel through fully participate in the marketing, cultivate a batch of sales and service team of technicians and sales engineers.
The present context of the new normal in the domestic economy, in addition to formulate corresponding strategies should be abroad, and actively explore the international market. In recent years, Nucleon company exports was bigger, and maintain the good development momentum, in the first quarter this year, the Nucleon company has got tens of millions of international orders, exported to Iran, Australian yacht handling of 300 t and 100 t tyre crane are recognized by the user. The next 3 to 5 years, Nucleon Company will vigorously develop international trade, in order to realize the international orders account for more than 50% of the total order amount of goals, to ensure the benign development of the enterprise.
Reporter: in the next few years the company should be how to grasp more knowledge of opportunities?
Answer: initiating the company strategy, and the macro environment, industry environment, as well as the internal environment for scientific analysis, to seize the opportunities brought by state "neighbourhood" policy, from product differentiation, product upgrading, from research and development to the quality control of product manufacturing, omni-directional, the whole process of continuous improvement, strive to reach the international advanced level.
Contains a chance "as the saying goes:" crisis, we should hold fast to hoisting industry because of the opportunities in the cyclical change, hard skills, develop their exercise, believes Nucleon company and the whole crane industry will be more steady and healthy development.
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