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KPX Series battery trolley are battery powered. The batteries are installed in the carts. The batteries supply electricity to the DC motor through the electrical control system. We use this principle to operate the carts, for example, start, stop, go forward and backward, adjust the speed and so on. KPX flat carts can be used both on the ‘S’ and arc-shaped railways. They also can be used in the ferry condition and flammable, explosive environment. The hydraulic lifting device can be installed on the flat carts. The DC motor has the advantages of stable start, big starting power, small impact to the gear reducer, low voltage, long lifetime and so on. Compared with the KPJ and KPD flat carts, the KPX series are more safe and flexible. The running distance is not limited. It has no strict requirement for the construction of the railway. KPX series are suitable to be used in the long distance transportation and low using frequency. The batteries need maintenance once a regular time. The lifetime of the batteries is about 2.5 years. The using time after once charge is limited.


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