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300t Blue Yacht Handlers Towering

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Thousands of miles away from the Persian Gulf, sky blue, navy. More recently, the Nucleon company developed and produced a 300t blue yacht handlers towering stand in the port city of Bushehr, the local busy port and added a blue and beautiful scenery.
Yacht transport machine from the power system, electrical control system, hydraulic control system, lifting system, travel system, steering system, an integral part of jacking system, hanging point adjustment system, double main beam structure and mobile lifting point, with four hydraulic winch instead of the car, main beam length 22.5m, lifting height of 15m, can achieve a straight line walking, slash walking, standing and Ackermann steering rotation, and the use of motors and electrical load sensitive ways of combining eight lifting points When customer demand synchronization, to meet different conditions.
Previously, boat handling equipment basically a monopoly of foreign enterprises, domestic independent research and development, production and assembly of very few manufacturers. Nucleon company's technical staff the courage to explore new areas, attack and hard Kejian, solve a difficult problem, successfully developed a 300t yacht handling machine, and breaking China's export of such devices recording the largest tonnage.
It is reported that the device has a technology to obtain a patent, four technology eligible for utility model patents.

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