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570t Intelligent Grab Dredger

26th June 2015, the good news came from Beijing,five experts from the State Ministry of Science unanimously adopted our 570t intelligent grab dredger, which lasted ten months production. The history of there no independent research and large-scale dredging machine history has been ended.
The dredger is the national "863" national key scientific and technological projects. This project through pre-market research, market forecasting, program development, expert assessment phases, in June last year began manufacturing.
When Manufacturing, we breakthrough technology and manufacturing staff numerous difficulties, especially for some large steel structure and production of complex parts, such as 3.6 × 8.4m of supporting cylinder, 12.5 × 10.5 × 1.85m turntable, 30 × 4.5 × 1.8m boom and so on, only tooling mold on more than 20 kinds of design, making the device more scientific and accurate.
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It is reported that the aircraft was used to dig the control level, underwater mining visualization, ultra-high-power variable frequency drive control and other advanced technologies more than 16, including three leading domestic technology. After this machine that matches your vessel assembly, it can be used for river dredging and debris before laying submarine cables mining. The largest dredger rope pull 70 tons, maximum dive depth of 60 meters, one can dredge 18 cubic meters of stone.
Previously, similar products in the domestic use of all rely on imports, a large dredger Necleon successfully developed, breaking the international monopoly, but also indicates that China's large-scale dredging machine at one stroke ahead of the world of high-end manufacturing.
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