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Based on bringing in and assimilating foreign advanced technology, this type of crane takes modular design theories as guidance, uses modern computer technology as means, introduces optimized and reliable technology and has features in light-weight, generalizing, energy-conservation and environmental protection, maintenance free and high technology content.
Design, production and inspection carry out the last issuedrelevant national standard, equivalently adopts some foreign criteria including FEM, DIN and IEC. Compared with the general QD oriagecrane. Its weight is reduced by about 15 - 30%, the maximum wheel pressure is reduced by about10 - 35%. Which can the requirements of crane for factory building structure and reduce production cost. As the core component of driving mechanism, reducer gear pair with hard tooth surface and high accuracy. togetherwith steel reel, forged wheel and variable-frequencyregulating system. which makes this type of crane become renewal product of traditional general bridge crane and applied in industry of machinery production, assembling, petrochemicals. warehouselogistics, electric power construction, papermaking and railways.
Light self- weight
Design software developed bγthe company combines with three-dimensional modeling and finite-element analysis, apply the reasonable structure to lifting mechanism, steel construction and accessories, together with wide use of highstrength material, it increases load capacity, decreases self-weight and has lower weight and wheel pressure than that of traditional crane
Small space use
Limit distance from hook to both sides is short but has large working arrange. With lower height above the rail. it makes full use of space of factory building.
Low cost of running and maintaining
As with low wheel pressure and small dimension, it,reduces investment of  previous construction including factorybuillding, and also reducesillumination and heating expense. The reliable performance and durability also minimizes the additional charges for the use of product at the later stage. Selected components w~ t h high quality and performance lower the maintenance and repair. The total power consumptionis reduced, which achieves cost savings.
High performance
Use variable-frequency technology, run with heavy load at low and light load at high speed. The adjustable speedranges in 1: 10, whlchensures crane run steadily and reduces impact on factory building. Combination of swing-proof technology achieves a high accuracy position of lifting items
Easy to operate
It applies many ergonomic hanging controllers to run crane. The hanging controller with liquidcrystal display conducts interactive communication with safety and performance control system and continuously displays weight while lifting item. It also can use wireless remote control system (including buttons androcker,which providesthe best solution of control for running crane under a demanding and complex environment.
Safety and reliable
It is provided with many protections including linkage. overloadprotection, zero protection and limit protection in order to ensure reliable running of crane. Hoisting reel uses steel reel, steel rope has small deflection. which prevents from abrasion Motor of hoisting mechanism has separate air-cooling system containing thermal protection function, with protection levellP54.
It has separate brake system which has the function of automatic abrasion compensation. If any special requirements, it can be supplied with two brake systems.
It's provided with advanced PLC automatic detection and friendly man-machine interface. which can perform measurement, calculation and monitoring to the performance, safety and working condition in order to ensuremore safe and reliable transportation of items.
It applies green design ideas, widely uses high- strength material. The main beam employs seamless blanking. automatic welding technology and laser cutting technology, by which accomplishes energy conservationand environmental protection in the process of production and reduces pollution and destruction to environment.
Fast and easy positioning
Introduction of variable-frequency system resolves the problems including bad speed controllabilityand travelingcrane or trolley excessively or insufficiently during traveling 01 single-speed mechanism occurred inthe past actual operation, and then improve the circle 01 lifting items especially In while frequent working Application 01 swing-proof technology greatly improves the accuracy of positioning lifting items.
PLC+ man-machine interface (Optional) 
Users who ever used traditional crane always climb up a门d down for troubleshooting various faults after the common failure occurred, they do trivial works and has low efficiency. After using PLC+man-machine interface ,it simplifiesthe complicated electric control system, improves the stability of system and reduces the faults. As to the happened defaults, it will perform sell-diagnosis and present them to operator or maintenance personnelthrough the display forthe purpose to solve problems.
Safety monitoring system (optional)
If combining PLC with touch screen. usepowerful man- machine interaction function of touch screen to monitorthe instant working of crane and present the defaults so as to provide timely condition of crane
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